Results from the Clean Eating Challenge

Q. How would you rate the menu’s and the food?
A. I am an executive chef / restaurateur by trade and I would give them an 11 out of 10 for taste and 10 out of 10 for execution…

Detox number 2 / Today I start my second detox… On my first 28 day detox I went from 183 lbs to 156 lbs /34 inches waste to 31 inch waist.
I can truly say I have not felt this great in a very long time, my energy level is truly amazing and just seems to be getting better.
So keep going and you too will see and feel these effects and body changes, it truly has made a difference in my life and can actually say and back up that this product truly works…
Have a great day and stay clean.

Clean Eating Testimonial

– Danny H, Ottawa, ON

Clean Eating Challenge A picture is worth a thousand words – Jenny M, Ottawa, ON

I started the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge on May 1, 2015. I was very apprehensive because I worked shift work, I have 2 little kids and a husband who likes “meat and potatoes” so to speak. And I really like GOOD food too.
I thought I don’t need to “lose weight” (I weighed 127 lbs and I am 5″4′ tall) I thought we ate very well and healthy already.

BUT I was tired of being tired, tired of feeling stressed, and tired of being mentally exhausted from being overwhelmed with everything to be done in a day. I had no time to exercise. Maybe just maybe through eating things could change?

I was told my energy levels would increase from the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

I was so skeptical of the possible results, I did not take before and after photos, and I did not take measurements of myself. I was terrified about the 7-Day cleanse, no caffeine, and the avoid list – what was I going to eat?

Like I said I work shift work, I needed tea with caffeine, and I thought – I can’t just RUN to the bathroom if I needed to during the cleanse, I am a first responder.

I have never “dieted” and never needed to watch what I ate. So this was going to be a challenge for me.
I had a wedding, a huge family gathering for a 60th birthday and “the kick off to summer was ahead” being that it was May. Beer and BBQ season was starting up. Man did I pick a bad month, so I thought.

This was hard, this did challenge me – and I think I am a tough competitor, but I remained so disciplined I think I made people around me annoyed from all my label reading and no thank you’s when food was passed around.

As a result I was greatly rewarded, I lost between 15-17 lbs, I lost lots of inches, I was having much better sleep, I gained a huge amount of energy, I felt a calmness and feeling of less stress. I loved how I was feeling. And my husband who was only eating the dinners accomplished noticeable changes too! Clean Eating Challenge

Because I had allowed my busy life to take over I did not notice these changes until the last week of the challenge. A family member said to me “Wow you have lost a lot of weight” I then looked in the mirror and “checked my self out” I noticed the definition in my arms and legs and back. I was very excited -I was ready for bikini season!

I also realized I hadn’t complained all month about being tired! I felt fantastic, and most of all, so proud of my accomplishment. This was something I myself, did completely alone. No one else in my house was doing this challenge, no friends, no family had joined me in the challenge.

From my personal experience and continued clean eating over the last 4 months over a dozen family and friends have joined me in the Challenge and each of them have had positive results. I have adopted new eating habits, changed my “regular” grocery items and became more experimental with the clean foods. I bake cookies, muffins, cakes and enjoy all the same foods I did before, just with alternate ingridients. I have kept all the weight off and this September I will be doing the complete challenge and cleanse again.

I encourage anyone who is looking for a change in lifestyle to do the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge. Of course no one can guarantee YOUR results because you are in charge and in control of what you eat.

I can assure you, No food tastes as good as healthy feels. – Laura L.  British Columbia

Not taking any of the formal measurements but total weight loss 21.8Lbs and two belt holes… I know many people said that once you start the challenge you’ll never go back to coffee or beer… I have to admit that I didn’t miss them as much as I expected… BUT that said Mill Street makes a Coffee Stout that I may have to celebrate! ūüôā otherwise my plan is to follow an 90/10% rule and continue to feel healthy and lose weight… So an interesting look at my health during the challenge… My resting heart rate as recorded by my Fitbit dropped from 66bpm to 57bpm…roughly 15% drop!!! I’m shocked and pleased to see that type of response!. . – Jason G.  Ottawa, ON

Before beginning  28 day clean eating challenge I was really worried about coffee withdrawal and giving up chocolate.  Once I started though, it wasn’t that bad. I only had one day of headaches. I grew to love the fizz tabs, which gave me a boost whenever I felt like I needed one. The Arbonne Chocolate Protein Powder is by far the most delicious protein powder I’ve tasted.  Mixing it with coconut oil and almond butter is almost as good as chocolate and got me through the challenge without cheating.  After only a few days of clean eating, I felt more awake and more energetic.  The Facebook group, the weekly recipes and shopping lists were a huge help and made the challenge seem more doable. I would defiantly recommend trying it. . – Jessica S.  Ottawa, ON

I am coming up on one year next month that i gave arbonne a try. I am so glad i did! i suffer from multiple food allergies, all gluten, all wheat and dairy. so eating in general is difficult. and for me gaining weight is also difficult. Even with all my food allergies i also suffer from skin allergies. i have had what i thought was adult acne, which i now know it isn’t, i also suffered for 3 years with what the allergist was telling me was eczema. which required tons of creams, pills, lotions, special soap, trips to dermatologists. and nothing was working! i suffered with this awful “eczema” for 3 years on the lower half of both legs. horrible red bumps and welts. no doctor could figure it out. at one time i was told i had a staph infection! even that round of 14 days on antibiotics didn’t work!! then my body had had enough, not only did i have the “eczema”, i also got psoriasis, and came down with shingles all in a week! i was in so so much pain. i cried so much. i even tried going to ER and still no answers for anything. Then my cousin introduced me to arbonne. within my first week of detox i saw improvements all over my skin. by week 2 of detox, more improvements. by week 3 things were clearing up and DISAPPEARING! I could not believe it. by week 4 my legs were almost 100% clear. my psoriasis disappeared and my shingles has never returned. i was feeling wonderful, i had tons of energy, my pain from all the skin issues was gone. i was in heaven. i never looked back. i have also been soda free and coffee free for one year!! and i have been able to put on 7llbs. i know it sounds crazy, but i could not gain weight. i am 5’8 and at the time only 111lbs. i doubled my calories in my shakes, ate 2 meals instead of one and had bigger snacks. i was also sleeping like a champ!! i almost forgot what it was like to sleep without waking up to stinging burning rashes, bumps, extremely itchy skin. i have also learned that the rashes and “eczema” was caused from sugar! no medical doctor ever figured it out. but yes sugar. my body had had enough and these rashes were all signs that it could not handle it.
i am also happy to say that my hubby has been on this journey with me. arbonne helped him as well where medical doctors failed him. He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and changing his eating has made his inflammation disappear. he has not turned back either. He too has been coffee, soda and beer free for 1 year and has no regrets!
This is why i love arbonne, it has helped and changed our lives for the better!
– Anonymous