Reasons Why You Feel Tired

Reasons Why You Feel Tired

Do you keep asking yourself:  “why do I feel so tired”?

Do you consistently feel tired and sluggish and can’t figure out what the problem is?  Have you perhaps gone to see the doctor only to be told there is nothing wrong.  Maybe you were prescribed something to help you sleep?

Are you feeling frustrated? You are not alone.  Let me share with you possible reasons why you are not feeling vibrant and healthy!

5 Culprits keeping you feeling tired and sluggish:

  • Overburdened immune system
    • Too many toxins and chemicals in our bodies from person care products, food we eat and cleaning products
  • Not getting enough sleep
    • Technology keeps us up late in the evening watching our devices
  • Not getting enough exercise
    • we need to exercise to welcome more energy
  • Lack of proper nutrients
    • the food your eating are lacking the nutrients your body needs to thrive
  • Poor digestion
    • the poor food choices we make have a burden on our digestive system

In the video below I provide more detail regarding each of the 5 culprits keeping tired and sluggish.

Do any of these reason resonate with you?  Are you ready to make some changes to improve your health?

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