Common Reasons To Not Take That First Step

Common Reasons To Not Take That First Step

What are your reasons for not starting?

Have you thought about taking that next step, or perhaps it’s your first step towards regaining your health?  Do you have reasons as to why it’s not the best time?

Today, I share with you three common reasons or excuses people tell themselves to justify not taking that first step towards improving their health.

Perhaps these same thoughts have passed through your mind.

3 Common Reasons/Excuses:

  • Consistency
    • Doubt you will be consistent, so choose not to start
    • Doubt you will ever see the benefits
  • Money
    • Want to wait…. until the mortgage is paid, the student loan is paid, etc..
    • Feel guilty spending money on yourself
  • Busy Lifestyle
    • long hours at work and/or shift work
    • kids schedules, school and activities

I hate to be blunt, but these really are just excuses/negative beliefs.

In the video below I provide information to help you overcome these negative beliefs.

What are your reasons for not starting?  Are you ready to take that first step today?

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