Are you minimizing your risk

Are you minimizing your risk?

Were you aware October was breast cancer awareness month?

I want to share with you something very personal.  It relates to the importance of examining your breasts on a regular basis.  This is not just for ladies, I am calling out the men too.

In October I found a lump on my breast, this is not unusual for me, as my breasts are dense and I feel lumps and bumps all the time.  This particular lump was larger than usual and did not go away, which usually happens during my cycle.  I did get a referral to have an ultra sound to verify what was happening.  I am very fortunate it is only a cyst.  (a large one, 2.8 cms)

My point is, we need to examine our breasts on a regular basis so we are aware of what our normal lumps and bumps feel like…. so if something unusual appears, we can take action early.

Want to minimize your risk?

Here are 3 areas of your life I encourage you to review:

  • Diet
    • Are you eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Are you minimizing the amount of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Personal care products
    • Are you  using products that are Vegan, free of petrolatum, mineral oil, dyes and artificial fragrances
  • Cleaning products
    • Are you using products without harmful chemicals

In the video below I share my personal message and some reasons why you should review your diet, personal care products and cleaning products.

Do you examine your breasts on a regular basis?  Is there room for improvement in your diet, personal care products or cleaning products that you use?

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