Are You Making These Diet Mistakes

Are You Making These Diet Mistakes

Whether you are just starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle or you are a frustrated yo yo dieter;  there is a lot of diet information out there and it can be overwhelming.

Common Diet Mistakes

  1. Focusing on the Scale

    Stop hopping on that scale every morning.  Your weight will fluctuate every day, this is normal.  You will drive yourself insane and lose interest in keeping a healthier lifestyle.  If needed, limit your weigh in to once a week!

  2. Not Eating Breakfast

    It is true!  It is the most important meal of the day.  Being satisfied in the morning before leaving the house means you are less likely to stop along the way to pick up a sugary snack.  My mornings consist of a chocolate protein shake mixed with berries an avocado and some extra fibre.  Mmmmmm,  it almost feels sinful.

  3. Choosing Unhealthy Foods

    I hear people all the time say, “I eat healthy!”.  And then for lunch they pull out a sandwich with processed meats, a sugary granola bars and a soda to wash it all down.  Prepare ahead of time, so you eat well.  Have a salad for lunch and throw in the leftover grilled chicken from last nights dinner.  Chop up veggies the night before and snack on them during the day.

  4. Not Exercising Ever

    You need to get moving.  Even if it means taking the stairs and not the elevator, going for a walk on your lunch break. My mom never exercises;  I managed to get her to a aqua aerobics class!!  She loved it.

  5. Not Drinking Enough Water

    You may not be thirsty, but that does not mean avoiding your 6-8 glasses of water a day.  Your body needs water.  See Signs You Need More Water

  6. Believing All the Headlines

    You are standing in line at the check out and the magazine has a catchy headline that promises quick, lasting results.  Not gonna happen!  Maybe you will see the number go down on the scale…. but if you don’t  have a plan that is sustainable in the long run…. those numbers won’t stay there for long.

  7. I Can’t Attitude

    Yes, you can!!  Just start.  Take it one day at a time and don’t worry if you slip up, just start again.  Eating well is a lifestyle change and just like anything, it takes practice.

End Diet Mistakes

Your healthy lifestyle change needs to heal you from the inside out.  It should not focus solely on the weight loss. Once you heal on the inside, the weight loss will come.

We Don’t Lose Weight To Get Healthy, We Get Healthy To Lose Weight.

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