Why You Should Eat True Whole Grains

Why You Should Eat True Whole Grains

Are you eating whole grain?

I find it very confusing when going to a grocery store and looking for a whole grain, whole wheat bread.  I used to think if I was buying brown bread, it was the best for me.  Simply not true!   You can easily be fooled by “whole-grain” products such as whole wheat flour (or bread made from it), which typically have a high glycemic index.

The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly the body converts carbohydrates to blood sugar. Foods that rank high on the index tend to “spike” blood sugar, which is generally followed by a low-sugar “crash” accompanied by intense hunger. Repeated over time, this cycle often leads to chronic overeating and weight gain. Conversely, foods that rank lower on the glycemic index keep blood sugar and hunger levels relatively steady, making weight control easier.  —  Andrew Weil, M.D. 

True whole grains are full of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and low-glycemic carbohydrates. True whole grains means when using whole grains, the individual grains are intact or cracked inTrue Whole Grainto a few large pieces, not ground into flour.

With true whole grains, the outer bran and germ layers remain, enclosing the endosperm inside. Why is this important?  It takes longer for digestion to occur, which slows the conversion of starch to sugar, keeping you fuller longer and preventing spikes in blood sugar.

Whole grains help regulate blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol ratios and aids the digestive system.  After taking my clean eating challenge, I have replaced my toast in the morning with a morning protein shake (see my favourite breakfast smoothie).  But once in a while I enjoy a crunch.  I found this delicious bread from Organic Works Bakery.  I enjoy toasting the ‘Quinoa and Honey’ bread and adding just a little butter.

Remember, cut down or eliminate products made with flour and increase your consumption of grains in their more natural state.  Your health with thank you!

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