Take Charge of Your Health

Take Charge Of Your Health

We need to take charge of our health!

We need to be active along with our doctor in improving our health.  To have great health requires us to know our body better than anyone else.  If you feel something is not right, then take the time to research it and have a better understanding.

Tips on How to Take Charge of Your Health

  1. Don’t ignore the warning signs
    Your body responds in various ways letting you know there is a problem.   Listen carefully!
  2. Keep a Journal
    Jot down issues you may be experiencing.  It’s not only your doctor that should have these notes.  This is a great resource tool for you to review periodically.
  3. Get Another Opinion
    Did you know you can fire your doctor?   If your doctor is just treating your symptoms with medications and you’re not happy with that, get rid of him or her. Find a doctor that is going to work with you!  You are the person in charge…. not your doctor!
  4. Food Matters
    What you eat plays a huge factor in how you feel.  Choose whole foods.  Cut out processed and boxed foods.
  5. Get Moving
    Physical exercise will help increase flexibility, balance, and improve your mood.

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Take Charge Of Your Health and
Avoid This Scenario:

Take Charge Of Your Health

Conventional medicine is excellent at diagnosing disease, but where it fails miserably is in the treatment approaches. It typically focuses on treating the symptoms, not the root cause, and it does so using toxic drugs that frequently cause problems that are more dangerous than the original complaint. – Dr. Mercola

What are you doing to Take Charge Of Your Health?

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