Skin Care

I love skincare!

…and anything personal care related, but not just any products.

I am a mom and a woman dedicated to health and wellness.  It’s important for me to use safe and beneficial products on my skin and my daughters skin.  The ingredients in my products are super important to me!

I only use and recommend skin care that I personally use.

What is important to me in my products?

  • Vegan certified
    • I don’t want my products to have any animal bi-products
  • Cruelty Free
    • If the product was not tested on a human, I am not using it
  • No Artificial Fragrances
    • There are enough chemicals in the air, I don’t want to pollute my lungs with anything artificial
  • No Parabens
    • A preservative in products that can wreak havic on your body
  • No Petrolatum
    • My skin is my largest organ.  I don’t want to be covering it with something that does not allow your skin to breath

….just to name a few!

Pampering myself with a face mask
Homemade Bath bombs using essentials oils

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Need more information or looking for a recommendation?

I am happy to help you with your skincare and personal care needs.  Please click the Getting To Know You link and tell me more about yourself.