Signs You Need More Water

When your body does not have enough water and fluids, it becomes dehydrated.  Your body subtly provides you clues that you are de-hydrated.  Are you paying attention to your body’s indicators?

Signs you need more water:

  1. You Have a Headache

    This is a big one for me.  I would get headaches constantly not realizing it was my body’s way of telling me to drink more water.  When your hydration levels drop, your brain reacts by triggering a headache.  The headache only gets worse with the more water you lose.

  2. Constipation

    Water helps things move along and out of your body.  Without enough water in your system, the result is constipation.

    Sometimes when I am bored I drink some water just to shock my liver. – Anonymous

  3. You are dizzy when standing up

    When you stand up quickly and get lighheaded…  not enough water.  Without enough water, your blood volume and blood pressure drops causing you to feel light headed.

  4. You are feeling hungry

    The earliest sign that you may be dehydrated is the feeling of wanting to snack.  If you have had plenty of food during the day and still feel like snacking, this is your body’s way of telling you you’re dehydrated.  Try drinking a glass of water before reaching for that snack.

  5. Darker Coloured Pee

    When your pee is a darker shade of yellow, this is an indication that your urine is overDrink-more-water3-concentrated with waste.  Water helps flush out the waste.  Drink more water and flush out your system more effectively.

  6. You constantly think about sleep

    When you are feeling sluggish and want to sleep, it may be time to reach for a glass of water.  The water moves into your bloodstream from your cells to help maintain the correct amount of blood to regulate blood pressure.  With dehyrdation, your blood volume and pressure drops, reducing the amount of oxygen content in the blood.  The lack of oxygen slows your muscle and nerve functions causing you to tire easily.

  7. You have a dry mouth

    A dry mouth is an obvious indication you are dehydrated.  Your mouth is naturally moist, so when its dry, reach for that glass of water!

  8. You are overheating

    Adequate water helps regulate your body temperature.  When we overheat, we naturally sweat.  When your body is dehydrated, you won’t sweat very much and can quickly overheat.  Sweat helps the body lower its temperature.  Be sure to drink up!

  9. Muscle Cramps

    You need an adequate level of hydration and electrolyte balance for proper muscle contraction.  Dehydration  affects your electrolyte balance.  When fluid levels are low, a muscle can contract causing an involuntary spasm.  Drink up, keeping hydrated can help prevent cramping.

  10. Pinch Test

    The pinch test is a quick way to see if your body is dehydrated.  Pinch your skin and watch to see how quickly it bounces back.  If your skin snaps back quickly, you’re hydrated.  Great job!  If your skin takes a while, you are likely dehydrated.  You know what to do; drink up!

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