Reduce Your Toxic Risk

Reduce Your Toxic Risk

Each and every day we are exposed to toxins when we exit our homes.  There is not too much we can do to avoid these environmental toxins such as pollution, second hand smoke, exhaust fumes from cars.  However, we can do our part to minimize the toxins we are exposed to in our home.

Are you aware of what is toxic in your home?

Non Stick Pans

Convenient, yes!  However, there is a toxic chemical released into the air each time we use these pans.  See David Suzuki’s tips on avoiding non-stick cookware.

Canned Foods

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is an endocrine-disrupting chemical used in the lining of cans.  Your best alternative when purchasing food, is too look for something in a glass container.

Reduce Your Toxic RiskReduce Your Toxic Risk


Plastic Containers

They can be convenient for carrying your lunch to work or storing leftovers in the fridge.  However, you should opt for a glass container when you re-heat your food.  The plastic when heated releases toxic fumes that can be absorbed into your food.

Air Fresheners

Avoid them!  They are full of toxic chemicals adding artificial fragrance to your home.  Open your windows and have a natural outdoor fresh scent.

Were you aware of any of these toxic risks?  What measures will you take to remove them from your home?

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