Reasons to Juice Each Day

Reasons to Juice Each Day

As many of you know my sister has battled cancer two, too many times. One thing for sure…. I have been there to support, guide and cheer her on.  I am very passionate about ensuring she gets healthy and remains healthy.  In her words, “I am very determined.”

So why am I telling you this? During my research about the best foods to nourish our bodies, I found some great information on juicing. Have you wondered what the difference between juicing and blending is? Yes, there is a difference!

Two distinct differences, besides the taste:

  • Juicing:
    • extracts only the juice, leaving the pulp behind
  • Blending:
    • everything together including the pulp

So why would someone choose to juice eat day? Check out 3:32 of my video as I discuss juicing vs. blending in more detail and reasons to juice each day.

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