Reasons Sweating Is Healthy

Reasons Sweating Is Healthy

Sweating is our natural way of cooling off.  When we heat up, our sweat glands help cool our bodies down and prevent us from over heating.

Reasons Sweating is Healthy

It’s not just about cooling us down!  Sweating…

  • helps maintain proper body temperature
  • rids toxins
  • cleans our pores helping eliminate blackheads and acne
  • protects us from viruses and bacteria

Many of us want to reduce or eliminate sweating by covering up with antiperspirants.  Yes, I was one of these people too.  However, I have thrown out my antiperspirant about a year ago and have switched to a mint deoderant (no aluminum and no parabens) and Organic Coconut Oil.  Yes, it does works!!  (I don’t use them at the same time.  :-))

Reasons Sweating Is Healthy

Antiperspirants stop or reduce the sweat our bodies try to eliminate from our armpits.  By blocking the pores it reduces one of the ways our body detox’s.

Sweating is part of our natural detoxification system.  It’s important to incorporate sweating into our daily routine.  So embrace your sweatiness by:

Exercising – any kind of exercise that is going to get your heart pumping.  Cardio workouts are great.

Using Dry/Infrared Sauna – if you workout at a gym that has a sauna.  Take advantage of it.  Add an extra 10 minutes to your routine and help sweat out the toxins.

** Do not forget to rehydrate to replenish your nutrients and fluids!! **


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