Optimal Health Starts In Your Gut

Optimal Health Starts In Your Gut

Do you have unanswered health concerns?

Are you overweight?

Do you have bloating, constipation or heartburn?

Intestinal problems are one of the main reasons we visit our family doctor.  However, most of us, including our doctors do not recognize that digestive problems wreak havoc on our entire body.  These problems lead to allergies, rashes, mood disorders, acne, arthritis, etc…

Plus with so many over-the-counter remedies for digestive disorders.  Some of us never visit the doctor.  These over the counter remedies are creating additional digestive problems (side effects) and never solve the root cause of the problem.

optimal health starts in your gut

The key to optimal health starts in your gut!  Click here to see ways to improve your gut health:

Our digestive system is responsible for:

  •  breaking down the foods we eat
  • extracting the nutrients from the food
  • eliminating waste

Poor food choices cause damage to our intestinal tract and this leads to our intestinal walls not working as optimally, therefore allowing undigested food to flow into the blood steam.  Hence causing all sorts of unknown issues with our body.  Most of us don’t believe it all starts with a poor food choice.

It is so important to understand that many diseases that seem totally unrelated to the gut, such as eczema,  psoriasis, or arthritis, are actually caused by gut problems. But by focusing on the gut you can get better.  — Mark Hyman, MD

Do you have some long standing issues you have been ignoring?

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