How To Reduce Inflammation

How To Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation…. Is it friend or foe?

Inflammation is meant to protect us. It is critical to our healing process. When we get a cut our body reacts with:

  • swelling to the area
  • reddness
  • warmth

However, chronic inflammation is detrimental to our health and we need to address the root cause of the issue. Chronic inflammation is associated with the following:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • auto immune disease
  • arthritis

How to reduce inflammation?

The best thing to do is avoid the following foods:

  • Sugar
  • Refined carbs
  • Pop
  • Processed meats
  • Processed foods
  • MSG

Watch the video below for more info and take a guess at the question I ask at 4:55.

Are you asking yourself how you can reduce inflammation in your body?  Have you tried eliminating the above foods from your diet ? How do you feel?

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