How Often Do You Go

How Often Do You Go?

Do you know how well your digestive health is doing?  Google the Bristol Stool Chart to see where your stool lines up on the chart.

Tips To Ensure You Eliminate (Go) on a Regular Basis:

  1. Ensure  you have enough water consumption each day
  2. Enjoy plenty of fibre in your diet, supplement if necessary.  My recommendation: Daily Fibre Boost (It is odourless and tasteless.  I use it everyday.)
  3. Movement is key.  Walk, get your legs moving.

Be sure to take a look at what you are eliminating and compare it against the Bristol Stool Chart.  As a general rule, if you are too high on the chart, drink more water.  If you are too low on the chart, add more fibre to your diet.

Check out the video for more information:

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