Foods To Avoid Buying

Foods To Avoid Buying

When shopping, we try our best to purchase foods that are good for us.  However marketing geniuses have made it difficult to determine what truly is the best.  Unless you are purchasing whole foods (foods that do not have an ingredient list/label) you may be deceived by the health claims and the added ingredients on the label.

Avoid Buying These Foods at the Grocery Store:

Refined Sugar (table sugar)

There are no healthy nutrients in refined sugar.  Opt for a healthier alternative like raw honey which contains antioxidants, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, riboflavin and niacin.  Avoid too much sugar, see:  How Much Sugar Do You Consume

Salad Dressing

Take a look at the label.  You may think you are buying a healthy salad dressing, but there is probably added sugar in there and/or artificial flavouring.  Consider making your own salad dressing.  See my favourite salad dressing.

Anything Fat FreeFoods To Avoid Buying

To make up for its lack of  flavour, these fat free items are typically high in sugar and/or salt.

White Rice

Avoid this refined grain and choose a healthier whole grain alternative like brown rice.Foods To Avoid Buying

Boxed Cereal

They are loaded with artificial colours, flavours, too mFoods To Avoid Buyinguch sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  For breakfast, I prefer having a protein shake with added berries.  See my Favourite Shake.


Foods to avoid contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sugars, GMOs and other unhealthy ingredients to name a few.  Be aware, the manufacturer is looking to make a profit…. even if it is at the risk of your health.

Do you have a healthier alternative you have switched to?

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