Eating Healthy With Kids

Eating Healthy With Kids

Parents do you fear getting your kids on board when it comes to making healthier eating choices?  Did you know even the pickiest of eaters can be easily engaged and interested in joining you in the kitchen!

Why is it important to set kids up to eat healthy now?

  • We want them to develop good habits
  • We want to ensure they have the necessary information to make the best choice in the future

Kids want to be involved!

When you include kids in decision making they want to get involved, they get excited and want to learn new information.

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How do we inspire kids to eat healthy?

Give them the power by getting them involved…Eating Healthy With Kids

  • bring them into the kitchen
  • let them get their hands dirty
  • allow them to mix things, cut things, push buttons
  • give them their own apron and utensils
  • allow them to add items to the grocery list
  • pick a dinner recipe and allow them to pick out the items at the grocery store

Give kids a choice

Have healthy snacks available and be sure they are easily accessible when they get home from school.  Allow them to choose from from a variety of snacks (carrot sticks, cucumber slices, apples, bananas).

Be a role model

Stick to your morals and values when it comes to healthy eating.  Show your kids that your health is important.  Talk about the motivations behind eating healthy.  Kids need the information in order to make educated choices.  When you learn something new about health and nutrition; tell your kids.  Obviously the type of information you share and how you share it will be based on their age.

Kids food choices are linked to what you like and dis-like.  So be sure to eat all your veggies on your plate.  Be aware:  when you order out, your child is paying attention.

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