Diets Do Not Work

Diets Do Not Work

I watched a great documentary the other night: Detox & Weight Loss:  Jon Gabriel
Jon Gabriel is an Author and Weight Loss Expert.  Below is a summary of some of the information he shared.

This gentleman was naturally thin his whole life, it was not until he moved to New York back in 1990 he started putting on weight. He weighed in at over 400 pounds, had sleep apnea, was borderline Type 2 diabetic, elevated triglycerides and cholesterol.

He tried several attempts at trying to lose his weight, he went on MANY diets. He would start losing weight, then weight loss stopped. Diets were just not working.

He never wanted to diet again. He wanted to know why his body wanted to stay fat. With his biochemistry background as his foundation he turned to the internet and did some research and found out we have a “fat switch”. When this fat switch activates, our bodies go into fat storage mode and our body automatically gains weight.

What is Fat Storage Mode?

Fat storage mode is when your body:

  • Feels Hungry all the time
  • Craves fatty foods
  • Feels exhausted

Your metabolism slows down and it becomes impossible to burn fat!

Weight Loss

He lost 220 pounds over 2 years. That was 7 years ago!  He has maintained his weight for 7 years. How did he do it? He stopped dieting! He was eating a healthy diet and it’s what his body craves.

When you live in a body that wants to be thin, you crave healthier foods.  — Jon Gabriel

When you eat healthier foods your metabolism speeds up, your taste buds change, you are not as hungry and your body becomes more efficient at burning fat.

His Challenges

At 400 plus pounds he struggled lacing his shoes, sitting down, he had no energy.  his sleep apnea was so awful, he would fall asleep talking to people or just waiting at a red light.

Addictive Foods

Bread and pizza were his weaknesses. As he says, “I was addicted to dead food.” When he looks at bread know, he simply see’s cardboard. His body knows what is nutritious, his body knows what is “real food”.

Empty Calories

We are nutritionally starved. We could eat 10,000 calories a day.  Man made foods trick our bodies into thinking we are getting nutrients, but our bodies stay hungry.

What Activates Your Fat Program?

Mental stress, emotional stress and you guessed it, dieting.
Thousands of years ago when we lived outdoors and didn’t know where our next meal was coming from; our bodies would trigger our fat program. This fat program protected us against famine. If there was a famine your body would hold onto the extra weight to protect you. A famine is a stress to your body.

Can you Lose Weight on a Diet?

Yes you can. But…. the first 10 pounds may come off easily, but the pay back is more weight. Lose 10, gain 15, lose 10, gain 15. This was Jon’s battle every time he tried a different diet.

You can not lose weight when your body wants to be fat, until you address the real issues.
– Jon Gabriel

Chemistry and Weight Gain

There are about a dozen different types of stresses that cause the body to gain weight.  Some of them are:

  • sleep deprivation
  • dehydration
  • mental
  • emotional
  • childhood trauma
  • toxins

Why does this happen? When a stress happens in the body, there is a chemical reaction. This chemistry, when it’s the same chemistry as famine, protects you from the stresses and your body gains weight. Therefore triggering the fat program.

Fat Protects Us From Toxins

From the seeds being harvested, to the bread being baked and delivered to a store shelf, there are approximately 20 toxins in your bread.

We can’t eliminate toxins fast enough from our bodies, so they are stored in our fat. This is the best place for toxins to be stored. It’s a chemically neutral environment. Your fat acts as a buffer to protect you from the toxins.

There was a study conducted on the number of toxins in our fat cells. How many do you ask?? 800 toxins were found!!

Why Diets Do Not Work

Every diet is based on the idea that you can force yourself to lose weight. This is flawed. Every time you force yourself to lose weight, your body is forcing itself to gain. It is necessary to address the stresses in your life. When you feel safe and less stressed your body relaxes.

MSG and Obesity

Food has flavour enhancers to try to get you to eat more. These flavour enhancers excite a part of your brain that is in charge of your fat programs. When the brain is excited, the fat programs are activated.

Scientists know this is true, its common knowledge. When obesity is studied you make a mouse fat. How do they make them fat? They feed the mice MSG. MSG is in approximately 80% of modern day foods.

Fat Free

Fat does not make you fat. Hormones and chemistry make you fat.  With the wrong chemistry from stress and eating the wrong foods; this will put your body into fat storage mode.

Some fats are essential. Did you know that besides water, the largest part of your body is fat.

  • 65% of your brain is fat
  • every cell is covered with a wall of fat

If it’s not the right essential fat, the proper communication between the hormone and cell does not happen. The cell wall protects the cell from the outside. When the cell does not obtain the right nutrients, it starves and the body goes into fat storage mode. This begins to make you hungrier. All this happens when you eat the wrong foods, bad fats and man made foods.

Before Eating

At each meal, ask yourself:
Are these foods real? Are there any meat, chicken, fish, salad, nuts, fruits or seeds on my plate?

Our bodies know what to do with these foods. Focus on adding these foods to each meal.

Fats Hold Toxins

People hold toxins in their fat calls. Plants and animals do too. It is important to know where your food is sourced from.

I leave you with one more quote from the documentary:

If you want to lose weight forever, don’t try to lose 20 pounds in 20 days. Try to solve the problem forever. — Jon Gabriel

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