Choose A Protein Shake For Breakfast

Choose A Protein Shake For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  I never skip it.  I ensure before leaving the house I have my chocolate protein shake.  It provides the energy and nutrients that are needed to get on with my day.  

Did you know having breakfast can assist with a healthy body weight!

How you may ask?
By not having breakfast, when hunger sets in and you are not prepared, you find yourself snacking on foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Choose A Protein Shake For Breakfast

Curb Cravings With Pea Protein

If you suffer from allergies or dairy intolerance, pea protein is a healthy alternative. Pea protein is a “slow-digesting” protein, it helps keep you fuller longer and helps combat cravings.

Benefits of a Protein Shake for Breakfast:

  • Boosting your metabolic rate by 25%

    Our metabolic rate is the rate at which our body burns calories.

  • Avoiding fatty foods and saving calorie intake
  • Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced
  • Increasing your energy levels… allowing you to increase your activity and burn more calories!

What is your favourite breakfast choice?

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