Can A Gluten Free Diet Make You Fat

Can A Gluten Free Diet Make You Fat

Many people are becoming aware of their sensitivity to gluten or perhaps have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. People are realizing by eliminating gluten they feel better.

Unfortunately, the gluten free industry at the expense of our health are using cheap ingredients.  Unless you are reading the label, just because it says gluten free, does not mean it is good for you.

Gluten Free Companies are using:

  • refined sugar
  • cheap processed refined flours
  • refined grains

These starches and flours increase your blood sugar level!!  See also:  Why You Should Eat True Whole Grains


Baked goods, breads, crackers or pastas that are gluten-free tend to use more refined flours that are very low in fiber and less filling. This means you may eat more of these foods (and consume more calories) in order to feel satisfied. Excess calories leads to weight gain. – Louise Goldbert, Registered Dietician

If you are on a gluten free diet and you feel you are gaining weight.  Take a look at what you are eating.  Are you relying on pre-packaged food (refined foods)?



To really benefit from a gluten free diet and take back your health, you must go back to the basics.  Eat real food like buckwheat, quinoa, seeds and nuts.  You can’t rely solely on packaged food labelled gluten free.  Read your labels, get to know what is in your products.

Certain gluten-free products are another contributing factor to weight gain, as the growing variety of prepackaged, processed foods isn’t always the best choice. “Now that we have an ample supply of gluten-free foods on the market, we’re seeing extended weight gain,” says Rachel Begun, MS, RDN, a gluten-free lifestyle expert and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Many gluten-free products are high in calories, fat, and sugar while also being low in nutrients. When people go gluten free and eat too much of these highly processed, low-nutrient foods they’re likely to gain weight. There’s also a ‘health halo’ surrounding gluten-free right now. It’s important that consumers understand that just because something is gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthful or is a good option for weight loss.”


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