Here are 5 fats you should be eating.   They are full of nutrients and great for your waste line too. Coconut Oil Its great for your health and to cook with too.  It can be added to smoothies and main
Summer is my favourite season… and along with summer is the vast amount of ‘in season’ fresh fruits and veggies that are available.  Any fresh food you consume is much better for your health than a packaged product. There are
Five foods to avoid when shopping. 1.  Canned Foods: BPA is a toxic found in canned foods.  To avoid canned foods, the alternative would be to buy frozen or fresh foods or switch to brands that come in glass jars.
Rules of Clean Eating Practice makes perfect.  Nothing here is new, but as you start clean eating, it will become second nature and much easier.  You will look back at today and laugh at how simple this really is to