How Often Do You Go
How Often Do You Go? Do you know how well your digestive health is doing?  Google the Bristol Stool Chart to see where your stool lines up on the chart. Tips To Ensure You Eliminate (Go) on a Regular Basis:
Are you being robbed.... of your energy
Are you being robbed of your energy? Do you lack energy? Do you get home after work and feel too tired to play with the kids after dinner? Do you look forward to hanging out with friends on Friday night,
Eating Healthy With Kids
Eating Healthy With Kids Parents do you fear getting your kids on board when it comes to making healthier eating choices?  Did you know even the pickiest of eaters can be easily engaged and interested in joining you in the
Reduce Your Toxic Risk
Reduce Your Toxic Risk Each and every day we are exposed to toxins when we exit our homes.  There is not too much we can do to avoid these environmental toxins such as pollution, second hand smoke, exhaust fumes from
Restoring Your Gut After Antibiotics
Restoring Your Gut After Antibiotics Yes, there is a time and place for the use of antibiotics and they do save lives!  However, by taking them there is long term effect on your gut.   In some people it can