Back To Our Origins

Back To Our Origins

FMTV is providing a 10 day free viewing of various documentaries.  I was able to catch “Origins” produced by

The documentary discusses our past (our origins), where we can from, up until present day, how our food has evolved and how our bodies have not adjusted to this change.  How can we bring balance back into our lives?

Here is my brief take away from the “Origins” documentary.

Respect Nature

Our ancestors respected nature, they understood the sustainability of the earth.  Their priorities were in the right place.  With that respect they were able to develop remedies and herbs.   What we do today should be sustainable for next generations to come.

Basic Necessities

The basic necessities of life are shelter, water, fire and food.   When you have these basics, we are alive.  Everything else is just simply a want.

We were designed by nature, but we have removed ourselves from nature.   We live in big cities and filled our lives with chemicals and toxicity.  We are under so much stress — environmental stress and pollutants.

A new born baby has 287 known chemicals in their umbilical cord blood even before they take their first breath.  –Mark Hyman, MD, author The Bloodsugar Solution

A Toxic Planet

The toxicity of our planet is a huge problem as to why we are sick.  We have a lot of environmental toxins, stress and tension in our lives.

The planet is an eco system of life and we are part of that system.


A gardener does not just look at the flowers and leaves and wonder why the plant is not doing well, they get in there and look at the roots.  Our gut is the root of our body.   Health and diseases start in the gut.

It is not just the nasty chemicals and pesticides that are hurting us, it is all the new ingredients in our food that our bodies don’t recognize.  The result is leaky gut, obesity and auto immune issues.

Balance and Meditation

We must keep our bacteria in balance which requires eating live, raw, cultured foods.  When we have balance we start to come back to life, we feel great.

If there was something that could make you happier, healthier and reduce stress, would you do it?  Meditation!  Our ancestors were alive.  They were constantly moving their bodies.  We are sitting and staring at computer screens today.

Better choices are key.  Spend some time with nature and take in all its beauty.  Hike, swim, sit by the water. We are nature.

Back to Our origins


It is normal and healthy to reproduce.  When we can’t we need to look at what is wrong.  Endocrine disruptors are robbing us of our fertility and it is due to the toxics we are exposed to.  Take a look at the fluoride in your toothpaste, your hand sanitizers, the chemical used during dry cleaning, the food we eat, the cosmetics we use, our cleaning products they all contribute to whether we are healthy.  When we are healthy we can reproduce.

Back to Our Origins


A Childs First Vaccination

When a child is born through a vaginal birth, the mothers bacteria is transferred to the child.  These bacteria will start triggering the childs immune system.  When a mother has a C-Section the child misses out on these beneficial bacteria from the birth canal transferring to their child.

Nature Deficit Disorder

When we contain our children and use hand sanitizer on them and they are not digging in the dirt and not exposed to good bacteria.  We are cutting them off from life.  Healthy happy kids, become healthy happy people.

You are What You Eat

Our ancestors ate lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals from the wild plants.  The diet we eat, is not the diet we ate.  Think about what your hamburger ate before you ate it.

Fat Is Not The Problem

Fat is important in your diet.  Good fats are found from whole foods.  Omega 3 is good fat (fish oil or flax oil).

Low fat diets are a disaster for brain function. – Daniel G. Amen, Founder Amen Clinics

Poor Food Choices

90% of what is being sold, what we consume. It is not food, it is not coming from nature.  When you continually make poor food choices what is the problem?  It is addiction!  Did you know sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.

It is important to learn what to eat, than what not to eat.

We make a choice with every purchase we make.  We can turn our health around by choosing a whole food based diet.  Spend money on food from a person who does not want to harm you.  Choose food co-ops and local farmers.

Nature has always guided us.  A return to our origins is hope.  Honour, be grateful and appreciate what is around us.

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