Are You Toxic?

Are You Toxic?

Is toxicity affecting your health?

Signs of toxicity:

  1. Puffiness:

    Puffiness is caused by mucus buildup inside the body, unlike your nose, you can’t blow it out.  It’s deep inside the body and gets stuck.  You may have bloating around the belly, extra pounds that won’t come off (even if you are counting calories and exercising), clothes that are feeling tighter even if you are a thin person.

  2. Constipation:

    Until you repair and restore your intestinal resilience and remove certain foods from your diet, laxatives and natural methods and small changes to your diet may only provide brief relief.

  3. Allergies:

    Wheat is an allergic trigger, so is dairy and refined sugar.  They erode the intestinal wall anAre You Toxicd cause what is known as “leaky gut”.  Allergies are not just something that makes you sneeze.  Most people don’t realize an allergic reaction to food does not always come in the form of hives or stomach cramps.  They can be delayed by many hours and be in the form of a headache or diarrhea.

  4. Depression:

    It can be caused by thyroid gland issues, mental stress, allergies or poor nutrition.  A slow reduction of natural serotonin levels is caused by an intestinal environment which is damaged and inflamed…. causing depression.

  5. Irritable Bowl Syndrome:

    Caused when toxic waste sits in the colon.  Your bowels have extreme reactions alternating from constipation to diarrhea.

Cleansing is an effective method of allowing your natural detoxification system to clean up the toxins and allow you to start enjoying life again.

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