Are You Insulin Resistant

Are you Insulin Resistant?

Did you know that 86 million people in the US alone have insulin resistance and are undiagnosed.  If left untreated it is a precursor to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Many doctor’s only treat your symptoms and never figure out the root cause of your fatigue, high blood pressure, inflammation, low energy, brain fog, etc…

Blood Sugar and Insulin

How are the two related?
When you eat food your digestive system turns the food into sugar; the sugar is then absorbed into your bloodstream.  Insulin is a hormone secreted by your pancreas.  The insulin helps move the sugar out of your blood and into your cells in order to give you energy.

When your blood sugar are really high it triggers a storage of the extra sugar as…. you guessed it, FAT!

Are You Insulin Resistant

Insulin Resistance is Dangerous

Not everyone who is insulin resistance will get diabetes.  However, insulin resistance is dangerous.  When cells are resistant to insulin, glucose/sugar can’t get into your cells.  This leads to low metabolic function of all your organs and tissues (they are not working at optimal performance).

How To Improve Your Blood Sugar

  • Balance your nutrition
  • Exercise regularly
  • Attain restful, optimal sleep
  • Lower your stress level
  • Eat the right foods at the right time

Quick Tip to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Relieving stress is one key factor to lowering your blood sugar.  Keeping your cortisol levels in optimal range is important.  When you are stressed, cortisol levels raise your blood sugar level as if you just ate a chocolate bar.

Take 2 minutes:

  • sit comfortably with your feet on the floor
  • close your eyes
  • one hand over your heart, the other over your belly
  • take a long deep breath in
  • and slowly exhale
  • think of a place of relaxation  (maybe a beach) engage your senses, what do you hear, feel, smell…etc
  • continue breathing, take a deep breath in
  • and exhale
  • continue for 2 minutes

Will you incorporate several 2 minute mini vacations into your day to lower your stress level?

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