Alternative Treatment To Chemotherapy

Alternative Treatment To Chemotherapy

Chris Wark was 26 years old, a real estate investor, musician, with low energy and living on sugar and caffeine when he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer.   After surgery to remove part of this colon, he refused chemotherapy and chose an alternative treatment.  He is alive today to tell his story.

I was watching a Q and A session with James Colquhoun, filmmaker of Food Matters and Hungry For Change and founder of FMTV and Chris Wark from  I’d like to share with you some information I found most intriguing.  Hope you do to.


Chris ignored his abdominal pain for a year.  He would wake in the morning without any pain and would get on with this day.  However, after lunch and dinner the pain returned.  The doctors misdiagnosed his pain as an ulcer.  It was not until he went for a colonoscopy  that doctors found a golf ball sized tumour in his colon near his appendix.

Whenever I hurt myself throughout life, my body healed itself.   I figured whatever was wrong would fix itself. — Chris Wark

It never did heal itself.  Over the year the pain became worse.

2 Days Before Christmas

When the doctors came in to provide Chris with the results from his test, he was still drugged from the colonoscopy procedure.  It just felt like a dream that didn’t make sense.  As reality sank in…  “I have cancer?”  He was frustrated, confused, unhappy and fearful.

The doctors told him, you need surgery right away before this gets any bigger and spreads.  “Okay!”  He didn’t know what else to do.  

Chris was told it was routine procedure.  The doctors will use a laparoscopic procedure and take out a section of his large intestine, approximately 1/3.  He waited until after Christmas to undergo surgery.

This is not what I wanted Santa.  — Chris Wark

Not So Routine

When the surgeon went in to have a look, they didn’t like what they saw.  The cancer spread to some lymph nodes, so they opted to cut Chris open and go in.  The outcome of surgery was worse than they thought.

Hospital Recovery and Discharge Day

He was shocked when his first meal after recovery was a Sloppy Joe (mystery meat with BBQ sauce on a burger bun).  He thought to himself, “This just does not seem like the best food for me right now.”

When the doctor was doing final rounds and Chris was ready to be discharged.  He asked if there were any foods he should be avoiding.  Nope!  The doctor said, just don’t lift anything heavier than a beer.

What kind of nutrition advise is this?  Not what he was expecting.

No one in the hospital seems to think nutrition mattered.  Chris knew it mattered… to some degree.

Knowledge on Food and Nutrition

His mom had always been a health nut.  Chris grew up understanding that health was “a thing”.

He ate junk food, fast food and lot of meat and dairy every day.  He wasn’t eating healthy, but had a foundation of healthy eating principles.  However, he didn’t think changing his diet would help that much.

Chemotherapy Is Poison

Chris was constantly thinking about what to do next.  He prayed about it, he asked god if there was another way, to show him.

He knew chemotherapy was poison.  He had seen chemotherapy patients and thought to himself, those people look scary.  No hair, their skin yellow, some bloated.  Although he did not have any relatives or friends who had cancer, he had seen enough to be concerned about the treatment.

Answer To His Prayers

A business acquaintance of his dads sent him a book  God’s Way To Ultimate Health – A Common Sense Guide For Eliminating Sickness Through Nutrition.  The author of this book who had colon cancer as well, opted out of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  He radically changed his diet, ate raw foods and juiced and within a year his tumour was gone.

This looks like an answer to my prayer’s. — Chris Wark

He was crying as he read through the book.  Chris decided he was doing it.  He bought a juicer, made giant salads and berry smoothies for dessert.

Anti-Cancer Salad

Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, spinach, onions, garlic, mushrooms, sauerkraut and oregano

Kayen pepper, curry powder, olive oil and apple cider vinegar

You’re Still Doing Chemo, Right?

When Chris decided to take the alternate route, his wife was concerned and the phone calls started coming in from family and friends.

People were telling him:  “Don’t you think if they knew there was something better they would be using it?”  He knew everyone meant well.

Total Confusion

Every cancer patients feels it.  No direction, total confusion and distress.  Most cancer patients don’t know how to say NO to chemotherapy.

Fear Based Language

The cancer industry uses fear based language.

  • Cancer Warrior
  • Battle
  • Fight

In war there is suffering.  The cancer patient is in a mental position to accept the suffering that is involved with treatment.  They have to fight for their life to win.

Raw Food Diet and Chemo

Chris was already on the raw food diet about a week before his appointment at the oncologists office.  He decided to go in and see what the doctor had to say.

He was looking at 9 – 12 months of chemotherapy.  His chemotherapy treatment was F5U, a drug that has been used for 50 years.  Can you believe in 50 years, they have not come up with a better drug.

His chances of living over the next 5 years: 60%

He asked the doctor about  the raw food diet.  The doctor said that it would fight the chemo.  He asked about alternative treatments.  This did not go over so well, the doctor became arrogant and condescending.  The doctor said, “If you don’t do chemo, you are insane.”

He walked into the appointment pretty confident about his decision to take the alternate route, he walked out more confused than before. Fear took over.  He booked his appointment to get his port put in and start chemo.

Do Raw Food Diets Fight Chemo?

So why would the doctor say raw food would fight chemo?  It does.

  • a raw food diet is an aggressive detoxification diet
  • chemo does not work as well when your body is detoxifying
  • your body identifies the chemo as poison and kicks it out of your system faster

Chemo Diet

Doctors encourage patients to eat pizza, ice cream, basically eat a lot of calories.  They worry that a patient will be too under weight during chemo.

Traditional Treatment vs. Alternative Treatment

Chris knew he had two paths to choose from.  Both options terrifying

Traditional treatment:

  • a brightly lit, wide paved road, lots  of support
  • a possibility of being sterile (not able to have kids)
  • do nothing, be treated, immediate suffering
  • no guarantee at the end of treatment you will be alive

Alternative treatment:

  • jungle path
  • do not enter
  • alone during the course of healing

If you are scared.  Do it scared.  — Unknown

1 Year to Rebuild Your Body

You are what you ate.  It was a slow process to rebuild his body.  One bite at a time.  On average it takes the human body approximately 1 year to rebuild itself.

Chris was building a body where cancer could not thrive.

About 90 days into his alternative treatment, Chris was becoming a bit thin.  He started changing his diet to add in some cooked sweet potatoes and quinoa, salmon, organic lamb.  He needed to add more calories to his diet.

How Did It Feel

It worked for him.  He didn’t care if he had to eat the same thing every day for the rest of his life.  He was not doing chemo.

What Chris Tells Cancer Patients

Don’t rush into anything.  Take time to evaluate your life.  Cancer did not show up overnight.  Assess your life.  Personal responsibility is important.

If you have cancer, you must assume the way you are living is killing you. — Chris Wark

Cancer Industry

The overall death rate only decreased 5% in 60 years.  Breast cancer, ovarian, brain, liver and lung cancer has been been a dismal failure.  There has been progress in childhood leukemia, testicular cancer and lymphoma.

Healing Is An Experiment

If you are looking at getting well as a chore, you won’t succeed.  You have to look at it as an adventure.  Healing is an experiment.  Try it and see how good you feel.

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