5 Clean Eating Tips – Foods to Avoid

Five foods to avoid when shopping.

1.  Canned Foods:bpa_topten_media

  • BPA is a toxic found in canned foods.  To avoid canned foods, the alternative would be to buy frozen or fresh foods or switch to brands that come in glass jars.

2.  Processed Meats

  • These products typically have sodium nitrate and other chemical flavouring.  Fresh organic-raised grass-fed or wild caught salmon is a healthier option

3.  Margarine

  • There are so many unhealthy components to margarine including trans fats and preservatives.  Sure, its easy to spread on toast, but I would avoid margarine.

4.  Vegetable Oils

  • They are highly processed.  Olive oil is great, but depending on the quality of the oil, it can be damaged by high heat when cooking.  Best option is to use Olive Oil in salad dressings.  Check out my favourite salad dressing here!  The best cooking oil is coconut oil.

5.  Microwave Popcorn

  • Sure its convenient, but definitely not good for you.  The liner in the popcorn bag when heated, the compound seeps onto your popcorn.

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